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Dr. Fülöp György

History of Tiszaújváros in a nutshell

Tiszaújváros was built during the socialist industrialization of the country in the outskirts of the more than 700-year-old Tiszaszederkény. The construction began in September 1955. The conditions were prosperous for the chemical industry, production of electric energy and refining of naphtha. The foundation of the industrial basis began with building a 200MW thermal power plant, then the Tisza Chemical Plant was established in 1961 and in 1973 the Tisza Olefin Plant was opened.

Both the building and settling of the town progressed very quickly in parallel with the industrial development. The construction workers and operators were the inhabitants of the town who could move into the flats built in the place of former fields in the 1957. The settlement was officially declared the 66th town of our country, initially under the original village’s name of Tiszaszederkény. On the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lenin, the town was renamed Leninváros, only to be christened Tiszaújváros on 1st February 1989 following the change in the political system.

There has been a combined nursery in the town since 2000. The local and neighbouring youth can continue their studies in 4 primary and two secondary, grammar and vocational schools. Elderly people are helped by a well-functioning social network. The cultural centre, the library, the town gallery and the local history collection offer rich programmes for the inhabitants of the town. The most famous programmes include The Town Festival, The Tiszaújváros Spring Festival, The Triathlon Week, Theatre without Frontiers and the programme called “From Santa Claus to Christmas”.

A Roman Catholic, a Greek Catholic and a Calvinist Church were built during the change of the political system.

In the 1990s further investments were carried out, as a result of which an industrial site equipped with extensive public services was established. Several investments of great importance were made in the fields of tourism, balneology and sport. The Spa and Open-air Bath and the Sports Centre were also established providing opportunities to do 20 kinds of sports.

Tiszaújváros has been given the name of a “National Sports Town” since 1995. We are proud of our sportsmen and sportswomen of international fame, and the majority of inhabitants do sport as well. The Triathlon Word Cup is world famous, and the most noted sportspeople have been competing here since 1996.

Tiszaújváros with its modern, up-to-date institutions has become the tourist centre of the region. Several hotels, pensions, room-to-lets and a camping site offer you pleasant accommodation. Besides the great variety of cultural and sports events you can choose from several trips and tours. The river Tisza is an excellent place for water sports and angling.

The restaurants of the town provide you with a wide selection of the international cuisine but you must try the typical dishes made of delicious fishes of the river Tisza.

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